Parent Participation Jobs and Descriptions

Kids do a science experiment with a parent

Family jobs are a hallmark of Fairfield School and instrumental in making our school run properly, as well as in creating our close community. Family Jobs require an average of about 2.5 hours a week. In addition, each family is asked to complete at least 6 Work Hours per year. Work Parties are held periodically throughout the year that will satisfy these Work Hours. If a family’s job exceeds the 2.5 weekly hours, those extra hours can be delegated towards Work Hours. Families can also choose to volunteer for special day activities such as Cooking Day, Art Day, etc., pick up sub shifts in the classroom or garden, or sign up to donate flowers periodically throughout the year to satisfy this quota. Fairfield School is dedicated to supporting families find jobs that will work with their schedules. If you find that you are not meeting your 2.5 weekly quota, it is your responsibility to check in with a teacher or work coordinator to make sure your hours get met.

PTA Jobs
(great for working families)
PTA President

·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Chair PTA meetings and coordinate PTA activities

·       Create PTA meeting agendas and submit to the Fairfield Folk-Us prior to each meeting

·       Serve as liaison between the school district and Fairfield families

·       Participate in various projects and committees as needed

·       Attend Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council Meetings and other District-wide parent leadership activities as needed

President Elect

·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Provide refreshments at monthly meetings

·       Review PTA books twice per year and close books in June

·       Assist President as needed

·       Attend Parent Leadership Group (PLG) Meetings and other District-wide parent leadership activities as needed

·       Will serve as PTA President the following school year


·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Take minutes at PTA meetings, to be distributed to the school community

·       Conduct PTA correspondence (e.g.: solicitation letters, thank you notes) and other secretarial PTA duties as requested by President

·       Update and distribute the Fairfield Folk-Us weekly newsletter

·       Compile, organize, and maintain Fairfield community’s names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses into a school roster and email listserv, to be distributed near the beginning of the school year and updated as needed


·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Keep PTA books, manage PTA funds, and present fiscal information at each PTA meeting

·       Ensure that all bills are paid in a timely manner

·       Responsible for financial payments and reports to the District PTA (dues, insurance, Worker’s Compensation reports, annual financial report) and Internal Revenue Service

·       Provide reimbursements to community and teachers as needed for expenses on behalf of PTA

·       Work closely with Fundraising and Social Events Coordinators

·       Propose comprehensive budget in May for the following year

Work Coordinator

·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Work with teachers to establish a job description list for the new school year

·       Assign jobs for all families for the school year using information from spring “Job Sign-Up” mailing

·       Oversee all parent participation throughout the year

·       Organize work parties and monitor each family's hours

·       Organize a summer play group for incoming kinder students & families

·       Organize a school tour with the Design/PR person in early January (before Kinder Info Night) for prospective/interested families


Fundraiser Coordinator

·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Work closely with PTA to plan and carry out fundraising events (including the annual Auction in the fall) according to PTA goals

·       Solicit donations for the annual Auction

·       Lead and support families participating in fundraising events

·       Keep record of preparation, donations, contacts, publicity, correspondence, etc. as related to fundraising

·       Manage Box Tops for Education, Nugget Scrip, Amazon Smile, and similar cash contribution programs

Social Events Coordinator

·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Organize and coordinate 1st Day of School Parent Coffee, Fall Ice Cream Social, Cooking Day, Fairfield Feast, Valentine’s Pizza Day, Art Day

·       Organize refreshments for Kindergarten Information Night, Moving Up Ceremony and other special events

·       Arrange Staff Appreciation Luncheons during Parent Conference Weeks and other school-wide events and activities

·       Coordinate Family Food Nights (often held at Lamppost Pizza)

·       Keep records of events, preparation, sources, amounts, etc.

Design/ PR Coordinator

·       Attend monthly PTA meetings

·       Design new Fairfield logo/design to feature on swag items for the year and/or for special historical events (retirements, anniversary etc.)

·       Work with teachers and students to design and create annual Fairfield Tshirts, usually given to students at the Fairfield Feast

·       Maintain the school’s virtual store, so families can purchase T-shirts and other swag to promote school spirit and to promote community awareness of our school

·       Facilitate new student recruitment and preschool promotion:

o   Organize a school tour with the Work Coordinator in early January (before Kinder Info Night) for prospective/interested families

o   Provide information about Fairfield to preschools and other elementary schools before Kindergarten Enrollment

o   Social Media PR as necessary

·       Collect pictures from Fairfield families to assemble and distribute an end-of-year Yearbook

·       Organize photo albums in the Library; create a virtual collection of Fairfield’s history as needed

Flexible Work Jobs 

(great for working families)
Housekeeper & Field Trip Coordinator

·       Responsible for Lost and Found items, including a monthly email with photos of left possessions, and then repurposing or donating unclaimed items

·       Eliminate clutter that collects in the hallway, kitchen, and on the bulletin boards

·       Wipe down cabinets, bookshelves and countertops in the classrooms and schoolhouse

·       Ensure the backroom art studio remains tidy

·       Ensure the kitchen remains tidy; wash and put away dishes if/when needed

·       Laundry (rags and towels) – pick up on Fridays, wash, and return to school Mondays

·       Refrigerator clean-out prior to vacations

·       Organize the garage twice yearly

·       Call junk-mail solicitors and request discontinuation of mailings to Fairfield

·       Work with teachers to coordinate field trips and school visits (including Bike to School Day and Davis Farmer’s Market Carousel Events)

Landscape & Site Coordinator

·       Assess school grounds weekly to ensure the grounds are being watered as scheduled

·       Report maintenance issues/needs to teachers, report any maintenance emergencies to school district if teachers or principal can’t be reached

·       Mend fences, planters, garden irrigation when needed

·       Overall schoolhouse and grounds upkeep

·       Check in with Garden Team monthly on what support they need

·       Ensure proper landscape watering over the summer

·       Fill in hours with weeding as necessary

Science Coordinator

·       Organize science curriculum and design units based on 4 monthly activities/experiments

·       Collaborate with teachers when picking units of study

·       Direct, organize, and lead science team

·       Substitute when a science aide is absent

School Day Jobs

(great for families with flexible schedules)
Science Aides (Wednesday Mornings)

·       Take direction from the science coordinator

·       Implement and teach weekly science lessons (one lesson each month, taught to different groups weekly)

Garden Coordinators (Thursday Mornings)

·       Ensure student gardens are maintained and healthy

·       Organize and plan weekly Garden lessons

·       Direct, organize, and lead garden team

Garden Aides (Thursday Mornings)

·       Take direction from the garden coordinators

·       Implement and teach weekly lessons

Morning Duty Supervise (8am-8:30 daily)

·       Greet families in the mornings with joyful smiles and hellos!!!

·       Help students transition from car to school

·       Help students unpack if needed

·       Supervise playground

·       Make sure the gate is closed after morning drop off

·       Supervise 2/3 students raising the flag

·       Sweep/blow path as needed

·       Black widow spider check in the playhouse, around slide, and in the tunnel

·       Take bikes out of garage (when weather-appropriate)

·       Wipe down picnic tables

·       Check water cooler and refill as needed

·       Check bathroom toilet paper/paper towel dispensers, make sure they are filled and dispensing properly

·       Help arrange flowers on Monday mornings (a small bouquet on each table in each classroom)

Running Club Coordinator (Tues & Thurs 2pm-2:30) -½ job

·       Lead Running Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:00pm 

·       Keep track of Running Club records

·       Organize the designing and ordering of Running Club T-shirts and awards in the spring

·       Organize Mile Run field trip at the High School in May

·       Create certificates for runners

Junior Great Book Leaders (Monday mornings)

·       Maintain an inventory of Jr. Great Books materials

·       Issue books

·       Lead weekly lessons

Ceramics Coordinator

·       Maintain ceramics supplies (glazes, clay, etc).

·       Order any needed materials if in short supply

·       Keep kiln room tidy and well stocked

·       Work with teachers on projects related to curriculum

·       Organize and lead 1 ceramic project each monthly with each class

·       Load, unload, and operate kiln

Classroom Aides - Rainbow Room

·       Mondays          10:05-12:35
(centers & recess supervision)

·       Tuesdays          10:05-12:35
(centers & recess supervision)

·       Wednesdays     10:05-12:35
(centers & recess supervision)

·       Thursdays        10:05-12:35
(centers & recess supervision)

·       Fridays              8:30-11:00
(prep, recess supervision, & Library work)

Classroom Aides – Bluebird Room

·       Mondays          11:45- 2:15
(recess supervision & centers)

·       Tuesdays          11:45- 2:15
(recess supervision & centers)

·       Wednesdays     10:00- 12:30
(recess supervision & prep)

·       Thursdays        11:45- 2:15
(recess supervision & centers)

·       Fridays             11:45- 2:15
(recess supervision & centers)