Message from the Principal


Principal Bourguignon

Fairfield is a two-room schoolhouse off of Russell Blvd. 5 miles outside of Davis. Fairfield Elementary is the oldest school in Davis having just celebrated its 150th year. It is part of the Davis Joint Unified School District and adheres to the same curriculum and standards as all other schools in Davis. Fairfield is a parent cooperative in that each family is expected to donate 6 hours per month to the school. The school has 48 students with a kindergarten/1st grade classroom and a 2nd/3rd grade classroom. Our school community is rich with gardening projects, an outside science classroom, art and music with opportunities for creative play in a bucolic setting. Students are chosen by a lottery system with siblings and residents in the area getting preference. The PTA and staff work cohesively to provide a nurturing school experience.

-- Principal Bourguignon, Fairfield and Patwin Elementary Principal