Parent Participation Jobs and Descriptions

Kids do a science experiment with a parent

Parent Participation is a hallmark of Fairfield Elementary School.  Parents serve as classroom aides, enrichment curriculum aides (science, garden), lunchtime supervisors, recess supervisors, newsletter editors, event coordinators, etc. We welcome involvement in many forms, depending on parent interests, talents, and schedules. Parent participation of two hours per week (on average) is a requirement of Fairfield families, and many jobs are compatible with the schedules of families with working parents and families with young kids in tow. Our school supports every family in finding ways to participate and support our children. See our PTA Parent Work Coordinator for more information. 

PTA Jobs
(great for working families)
PTA President
  • 1 Family Commitment, PTA elected position.
  • Chair PTA meetings and PTA activities starting with Kindergarten Family Welcome on 1st day of school.
  • Build agendas and submit to Folk-Us prior to meeting.
  • Responsible for refreshments at monthly meetings.
  • Serve as liaison between the school district and Fairfield families.
  • Participate in various projects and committees.
  • Handle job-related broken agreements.
  • Attend Parent Leadership Group (PLG) Meetings.
President Elect
  • 1 Family Commitment, PTA elected position.
  • Person will be elected to president the following school year.
  • Assist President in necessary ways to learn to position of President for following year.
  • Attend monthly Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council Meetings.
  • Ensure PTA administrative duties are completed as necessary i.e. financial reports and documents
    Annually reviews bylaws and updates as necessary

  • 1 Family Commitment, variable hours, PTA elected position.
  • Compile Fairfield community’s names, addresses, and phone numbers to create a roster. Type, print and distribute roster ASAP, in addition to email distribution list. Create and distribute a draft first before final copy.
  • Take minutes at each PTA meeting, type, duplicate and distribute them to all school families within a week of the meeting. Post minutes in a public place at school. Make amended changes to minutes.
  • Conduct PTA correspondence (i.e. Solicitation letters, thank you notes) and other secretarial PTA duties as requested by President/Coordinators.
  • 1 Family Commitment, variable hours, PTA elected position.
  • Keep PTA books, manage PTA funds, and present fiscal information at each PTA meeting.
  • Work closely with Fundraising and Social Events Coordinators.
  • Propose comprehensive budget and wish list in May for following year.
  • Responsible for ordering PTA purchased materials under the direction of teachers and PTA board.
  • Ensure that all bills are paid in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for financial payments and reports to the District PTA (dues, insurance, Worker’s Compensation reports, annual financial report) and Internal Revenue Service.
Work Coordinator and Auditor
  • 1 Family Commitment, variable hours (heavy April-June, August-September), PTA elected position.
  • Work with teachers and PTA President to establish a job description list for the new school year.
  • Assign jobs for all families for the school year using information from spring “Job Sign-Up” Mailing. Oversee and monitor all parent participation throughout the year.
  • Head the PTA Nomination Committee.
  • Organize work parties and monitor each families hours.
  • Contact other job coordinators regularly and report to teachers and/or PTA board as needed.
  • Assist with August Mailing.
  • Review books twice per year and close books in June
Fundraiser Coordinator
  • 1 Family Commitment, variable hours (very heavy in the fall)
  • Representative attends PTA meetings to present monthly report.
  • Work closely with PTA Board to plan and carry out fundraising events according to PTA goals, to insure the liquidity of the PTA budget.
  • Supervise families participating in fundraising events. (Historically, a fall Auction)
  • Keep record of preparation, donation, contacts, publicity, correspondence, etc.
Social Events Coordinator
  • 1 Family Commitment, variable hours, PTA elected position.
  • Attend appropriate PTA meetings and work with PTA Board.
  • Organize and carry out plan for the Fall Ice Cream Social, and Thanksgiving Feast.
  • Organize refreshments for Information Night, Moving Up Ceremony (last day of school) and other special events.
  • Arrange classroom parties for special days.
  • Keep record of events, preparation, sources, amounts, etc.
  • Manage E-Script, Box Tops, and similar cash contribution programs.
  • Coordinate pizza fundraisers.
Historian, Social Media Liaison, "Folk-Us" Editor
  • PTA elected position
  • Will regularly update social media websites and accurately represent the school and happenings on social media websites
  • Coordinate someone to take photographs at school events.
  • Make a scrapbook (digitally) at the end of the year for the school.
  • Annual contribution to Fairfield Historical Document.
  • Will collect news from community, layout newsletter, and distribute Fairfield "Folk-Us" monthly
  • Creates and maintains school list-servs. 

Flexible Work Jobs 

(great for working families)
House Keeper
  • Will eliminate clutter that builds up in hallway, kitchen, and bulletin boards
  • Responsible for Lost and Found items. Will send out a monthly reminder of forgotten possessions
  • Will pick up laundry on Fridays, wash, and return to school Mondays
  • Will call junk-mail senders and request a discontinuation of mailings to Fairfield
  • Will assume some additional duties as they come arise
    Clean out refrigerator before vacations
Field Trip Coordinator
  • ½ family participation credit
  • Will work with teachers to organize, plan, and coordinate field trips and school visits
  • Will assist teachers in preparing field trip paperwork, drivers, car seats, etc.
Grounds Keeper/Landscape Coordinator
  • One family commitment
  • Checks school grounds weekly
  • Ensures grounds are being watered as scheduled (perform repairs as necessary to drip irrigation)
  • Report any maintenance needs to a teacher
  • Report any maintenance emergency to school district if teacher or principal can’t be reached
  • Fill in hours with weeding/grounds upkeep as necessary
  • Organize work parties
  • Landscape coordinator
  • Collaborates with garden coordinator

School Day Jobs

(great for families with flexible schedules)
Morning Classroom Aide
  • 8:10-10:40
  • 8:15-8:30 Supervise playground/drop off 
  • Take teacher direction in working with students and helping with prep work
  • Will supervise students at 10:15 recess
Mid Morning Classroom Aide
  • 10:30-1:00 Monday, Thursdays, and Fridays
  • Take teacher direction in working with students and helping with prep work
  • Helps prepare and supervise playground/lunch 11:45-12:35
  • Pick up school mail from mailbox
Afternoon (2nd/3rd) Classroom Aide
  • .5 Family Commitment  
  • (Fridays) 1:15-2:30
  • Take teacher direction in working with students and helping with prep work in the ⅔
Garden Coordinator
  • 1 Family Commitment (teacher appointed position) Thursday 8:30-11:00
  • Coordinates garden program with other parent volunteers
  • Works with children in the garden, plus some prep and planning time at home
  • Responsible for collecting necessary garden supplies, preparing/teaching garden lessons, and assisting children maintain their garden beds
  • Collaborates with landscape coordinator
Garden Aides
  • 1 Family Commitment, Thursdays 9:30 - 12:00 with the children in the garden. There will be some planning time at home and additional hours at the garden. Time off during Dec.-Jan.
  • Share your love of gardening with the students.
  • Work with Garden Coordinator as directed to conduct garden-related projects and activities with the students.
  • Be prepared as well as assist with set up and clean up.
  • Also included in job: help maintain individual student plots, do extra weeding and watering as necessary.
Science Coordinator
  • 1 Family Commitment, Wednesdays, 8:30-10:30, with the children plus prep and planning time at home
  • Share your love of science and discovery
  • Meet with teachers regularly to develop lesson plans for science
  • Present weekly science lesson in cooperation with teachers
  • Gather teaching materials for the weekly lesson
  • Communicate with Science Aides
Science Aides
  • 1 Family Commitment, Wednesday, 8:30-10:30 with the children plus prep and planning time at home (approx. ½ hour)
  • Share your love of learning and discovery
  • Assist Science Coordinator in planning
  • Come prepared for the day’s lesson
  • Gather teaching materials and present the weekly science lesson as directed
  • Collaborate with the Science Coordinator and other Science Aides
Jr. Great Books Leaders
  • 1 Family Commitment, teacher appointed position.
  • Facilitate weekly discussions with third grade students during fall and winter semesters and second grade students during spring semester.
  • Read the training booklet and discuss the program with the second/third grade teachers and co-parent leader.
  • Plan each weekly session together. Planning includes reading and studying the materials for each week, developing discussion questions, planning appropriate activities, and preparing homework instructions.
  • Communicate plans to the second/third grade teacher and communicate program goals to the students’ parents