Kids with arms around each other stand under a tree 

Why Fairfield?

Fairfield Elementary School celebrates childhood in an intimate, safe, nurturing, and inspiring environment. The rural setting, lovely gardens, and view of the fields, animals, and mountains are a delight to children and adults alike. At Fairfield children receive an excellent education through a strong academic program. Parental involvement creates a high adult-to-child ratio in the classroom and on the playground. At Fairfield every child is seen for the unique and special person they are!

How Do I Enroll My Child?


All district children entering kindergarten in the Fall must register at their neighborhood school. At registration, parents interested in Fairfield will receive a Fairfield application upon request. Class lists will be established soon after, according to the enrollment priority guidelines set by DJUSD. Families will then be notified of their child’s acceptance at Fairfield or position on the wait list.

Neighborhood School Enrollment Schedule
Montgomery Elementary: March 10, 8am-2pm
Birch Lane Elementary: March 11, 2020 8am-11am
Pioneer Elementary: March 11 12pm-3pm
Korematsu Elementary: March 12, 2020 12pm-3pm
North Davis Elementary: March 12, 8am-11am
Patwin Elementary: March 13, 8am-11am
Willett Elementary: March 13 12pm-3pm

First, Second & Third Grades:

Applications for these grades are accepted throughout the year at the Patwin School Office. A waiting list is maintained and parents will be notified as openings occur.

What Else Should I Know?

While Fairfield is a wonderful place, it cannot be all things to all people. Some educational services and other conveniences (i.e. after school child care) are not available.

Important Dates:

Information Night: March 4, 2020- 7pm
Kindergarten Registration: March 9-13, 2020 (neighborhood school schedule below)
Application Deadline: March 13, 2020

Feel free to download our school flyer here: Fairfield Elementary School Flyer.pdf